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Mala Collier | Abundance

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The "Abundance" mala necklace features Rudraksha beads alternating with pyrite beads of the same size. Above the tassel is a Mica pendant.

Rudraksha beads offer peace, clarity and direction. They make room for positive thoughts. This is a very rare material. It is extremely powerful in terms of energy.

Pyrite gives us creative energy and creates new, positive patterns. It increases our vitality and gives us the strength to take action. The pyrite beads in this mala necklace are supported by mica, which offers protection to your entire energy field.

This gem resonates with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd chakras, giving us open-mindedness and honesty.


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In the Buddhist and Hindu traditions, the mala is used as a support for prayers.

In yoga practice, the mala is generally used in meditation. You place your mala in your hand, with the beads between your fingers, and it will help you achieve absolute concentration as you recite your various mantras. The positive energy emanating from the beads will transport you into a state of intense relaxation. Each mala has additional virtues depending on its composition.

Rudraksha pearls come from a tree found in India. Its seeds are harvested and carefully preserved for their virtues. They carry a specific energy and are considered sacred in many Asian cultures. The smaller the Rudraksha pearls, the more sacred they are, as they are considered rare and carry great energy.

Sometimes alternated with other precious or semi-precious stones, each has its own virtues and their synergy means you can benefit from all their benefits, depending on your needs. For this necklace, for example, they are alternated with pyrite beads.

Pyrite connects the many elements within you. It increases your vitality, enables you to take action and relieves you of any emotional stress you may be accumulating. Also known as the stone of luck, pyrite is a gem that increases prosperity and attracts wealth and abundance into your life.

The pyrite beads are backed by mica, giving you the peace and tranquillity you need to make the right decision. It allows you to look to the future with hope and without preconceived ideas.

This bracelet is connected to chakras 1, 2 and 3. Here are their main characteristics:

1: The root chakra, or base chakra, gives us a solid connection with the Earth and our fundamental needs. It is the foundation and anchoring chakra.

2: The sacral chakra lets our feelings flow and creates the possibility of fruitful relationships. This is the chakra of creativity.

3: The solar plexus chakra helps us to put our talents at the service of others and gives strength to our self-development. This is the chakra of the will.

Care instructions
When you receive your mala, you can either wear it straight away or transmit your intentions to it. In this way, a kind of connection will form between you and your necklace, and the sacred beads will carry energy. We recommend the following ceremony:

  • Start wearing your mala on a Monday, a sacred day dedicated to Shiva
  • Find a quiet place to relax
  • Place a few flowers in a container of water and immerse your mala
  • Light a stick of incense to help your mind and body relax
  • Once you have reached a level of serenity, cleanse each of the pearls in your mala. Transmit your intentions to them and imagine that they protect you and bring you inner peace.
  • Repeat the mantra "OM HREEM NAMAH SHIVAYA OM" which represents the tears of Shiva
  • Now all you have to do is wear your mala and enjoy its benefits.

If you wear your mala regularly, the pearls will absorb a lot of energy. So from time to time, you need to discharge them in order to start afresh. To do this, turn on the tap and place the necklace under running water. Touch each bead with the intention of cleaning it. The best way to dry the necklace is to hang it outside. Once dry, a little natural oil on each pearl will add shine.

This is perfect for
Yin yoga, Restorative yoga, Yoga nidra, Meditation, Mindfulness, Casual wear, On the way to the studio, Cocooning at home
Why we love this product
We particularly appreciate that the Rudraksha pearls used by the Mala Spirit brand are harvested sustainably, fairly and ethically.

The positive energies provided by pyrite stones give us motivation and strength, both physically and mentally. Its creative energies help us to manifest our desires and encourage us to pursue our dreams.

We love the blend of Rudrakshas and Pyrites, which gives us positive energy and strength to face life. Mica brings us inner peace and tranquillity when we need to make decisions.

Our Mala 'Abundance' can be worn for a meditation session or a yoga class, or simply as an accessory to enhance our outfits and take advantage of its beneficial properties on a daily basis. For example, you can wrap it around your wrist to make a bracelet.

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The Brand

Mala Spirit - Made with love, an offering from Bali

The heart of Mala Spirit creations is the Rudraksha pearl, from the Eleocarpus tree, which brings the wisdom and power of the ancient sages to today's world in the form of contemporary malas. Rudraksha is combined with precious stones, which are different for each piece and give it its own personality in terms of colour and the benefits associated with the chakras. Each piece is handmade and blessed in Bali.

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Weight 0.04 kg

Rudraksha, pyrite, mica


Mala Spirit


61 cm (often suitable for 2 chokers)


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