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Mala bracelet | Silver

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Unisex mala bracelet made from sacred Rudraksha beads and handmade silver beads. 

This bracelet can be used for meditation, but we also love wearing it in everyday life. It's quite discreet and goes wonderfully with all our outfits. 

Mala Silver brings you energy and inner peace for serene meditation and daily life.

It resonates with the 6th chakra to reveal your intuition. 


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If you're not already familiar with malas, they are traditional Buddhist and Hindu objects. Used in meditation, they focus the mind on the recitation of mantras, according to a specific ritual. The beads, unfurled one by one, encourage concentration. 

A necklace made up of a number of beads relating to the number 108 (which has many meanings in Buddhist culture), it is traditionally made up of Rudraksha beads. These are actually seeds from a tree that grows in India. The seeds are harvested and carefully preserved for their virtues. They are considered sacred in many Asian cultures and convey a specific energy. The smaller the Rudraksha pearls, the more sacred they are, as they are considered rare and carry great energy.

Rudraksha pearls are sometimes alternated with other precious or semi-precious stones. Each has its own virtues, and their synergy allows you to benefit from all their advantages according to your needs.

In the form of a bracelet, the Silver mala is made up of 42 small Rudraksha beads and hand-crafted silver beads. These separate the rustic beads to give them light.

This bracelet resonates with the 6th chakra. The third eye chakra helps us to be capable of independence, inspiration and deep intuition.

Care instructions
If this sounds like something you'd like to do, we'd like to suggest a ceremony that allows you to transmit your intentions to the pearls, charging them with positive energy. The bracelet can also be worn as soon as you receive it, but we recommend the following steps to increase its benefits tenfold:

  • Monday is the day to go for this procedure. It is the day dedicated to Shiva.
  • Choose a quiet room or space where you can relax and let go. 
  • Pour some water and a few fresh flowers into a container. Add your mala Silver bracelet.
  • If you wish, light a stick of incense to purify the atmosphere.
  • When you feel relaxed, take your mala in your hands and massage each bead one after the other. Think of your intentions for these beads and transmit them through your fingers. Your mala will release a protective energy.
  • Recite the mantra "OM HREEM NAMAH SHIVAYA OM". It represents Shiva's tears.
  • Your bracelet is now ready to be worn for meditation or in your daily life. The pearls are charged with energy and ready to offer you their virtues.

The pearls in your bracelet will become full of energy. After a while, it's a good idea to discharge them. There are a few steps to reset them:

  • Place the mala under running water and touch each bead with the intention of cleaning it.
  • Put your bracelet outside to dry.
  • When dry, you can rub a little natural oil over each pearl to preserve and polish them.
This is perfect for
Yin yoga, Restorative yoga, Yoga nidra, Hatha yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Flow yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Power yoga, Kundalini yoga, Prenatal yoga, Yoga en plein air, Yoga en voyage, Meditation, Mindfulness, Casual wear, Heading for the studio, Relaxed style, Cocooning at home
Why we love this product
This bracelet strikes the right balance between Rudraksha beads, which represent the earth and nature, and silver, which transmits light and purity. 

The mala Silver goes easily with any piece in our wardrobe, as well as with other silver or stone jewellery. Both men and women will appreciate its design and style.

In lithotherapy, silver is considered a vehicle for self-confidence and charisma. It has been known to develop the power of the gemstones it comes into contact with. So, in the Silver bracelet, the Rudraksha beads will have a calming effect on the mind.

Silver is also linked to the feminine (of which we all have a part, women and men alike) and to the moon. A sign of purity and gentleness, we particularly appreciate these hand-crafted pearls, which add a unique, artisanal touch to the Silver bracelet.

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The Brand

Mala Spirit - Made with love, an offering from Bali

The heart of Mala Spirit creations is the Rudraksha pearl, from the Eleocarpus tree, which brings the wisdom and power of the ancient sages to today's world in the form of contemporary malas. Rudraksha is combined with precious stones, which are different for each piece and give it its own personality in terms of colour and the benefits associated with the chakras. Each piece is handmade and blessed in Bali.

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Rudraksha, Silver


Mala Spirit


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