YOGANEST supports the yoga and sports community. We believe in the quality of our products and are here to help you.



Do you teach yoga, pilates, fitness or crossfit? We are offering you 15% off clothing and jewellery, 10% off carpets and accessories for your purchases forstrictly personal use (excluding gifts). This discount will not apply to items already on sale.

We will ask you to demonstrate your regular activity in a studio or sports centre by providing us with visible and verifiable information. Contact us at [email protected]



YOGANEST has solutions to help you equip your yoga studio or sports centre (fitness, pilates, crossfit, etc.).

Tell us about your projectWhat equipment do you need? mats, accessories? in what quantities? for what activities? We can advise you.

Share your ideas with us: would you like to make a added value at your service? stock a few items of clothing for those who have forgotten a top or a pair of leggings? offer a few gift ideas for sale? or offer a gift to your customers to celebrate a special occasion?

We will be happy to discuss this with you:[email protected]