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Our boutique offers you brands for which Laurence, creator of YOGANESTWe had some real favourites! Activewear (clothes to accompany you in all your movement and sports activities), lifestyle fashion (to wear every day, as a lifestyle), yoga mats and equipment, sound therapy instruments, jewellery and organic cosmetics.

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Yoga Shop - YOGANEST - Yoga Shop

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Yoga Shop - YOGANEST - Yoga Shop

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YOGANEST encourages fair and responsible consumption. We want you to wear and use what you order, for a long time, often and with pleasure ♥️
Yoga Shop - YOGANEST - Yoga Shop

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We choose our brands by conscience. We help you order just. We prefer delivery that respects the planet
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We select and bring together here brands that inspire us with their values by putting eco-responsibility at the heart of their approach. Without claiming to be doing everything right, they are committed to continuing to make progress, and so are we.

We will encourage and support your yoga practice and any other activity that is good for you. to your body, heart and soul (pilates, dance, fitness, running, martial arts, cycling...) as well as your moments of relaxation. So that you feel good.

We offer clothing and objects that combine pleasure of use, quality, functionality and durability.
Find out more about our commitments
We choose our partner brands carefully and conscientiously. To produce their creations, they personally select organisations that share their respect for the planet and humanity, with whom they maintain direct, personal and regular contact.

We'll help you get your order right, If you're not sure which model, material, colour or size to choose, please contact us before ordering. We'll take the time to advise you to ensure your order is the right one.

We prefer delivery that respects the planet with minimum carbon impact: we don't do Express deliveries, we disapprove of systematic free deliveries, we ship 100% without plastic, we don't exaggerate the size of packages and we almost always reuse packaging material that has already been used.

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Pop Up in Verbier (VS) at the Inspire Yoga Festival

 Saturday 10th and Sunday 11 August 9-9pm

Come and see our Boutique in the Inspire Festival Village at La Chaux at 2265m


Pop Up in Nyon (VD)
  Saturday 24th August 9-18h
@ Ex-Machina, rue du Vieux-Marché 11, 1260 Nyon

Long practice

Restorative yoga & Sound bath

Sunday 01 September 18h15-19h45

@ Espace Mosaic, Rue Jacques-Dalphin 37, 1227 Carouge


Yoga, Restore & Relax

Friday 20 to Sunday 22 September

@ Chalet Ganesha, Rte de Gleux 15, 1874 Champéry

From €605 in a double room


Pop Up in Geneva (GE)
  Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 September
@ Herstreet, rue des Pierres-du-Niton 6, 1207 Geneva


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Explore the transformative energy of yoga with our inspiring courses

Discover a variety of classes for everyone to cultivate harmony in your physical, mental and energetic bodies.

Explore unique experiences with YOGANEST to nourish your serenity and your connection to yourself

YOGANEST - Activewear fashion, Yoga equipment and Lifestyle universe selected for you according to our criteria: eco-consciousness, high quality, versatility, comfort & style

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Our clothes and accessories are ideal for a wide range of activities, whether dynamic or relaxing. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced yogi, the choice of your equipment and clothing will help you to be more present in your practice and find greater comfort and well-being.

Of course, you can practise yoga wearing what you have and without any particular accessories. However, wearing a T-shirt that will stay on your hips when you put your head down, trousers that won't restrict your movements, having a block to hand to help you find the right depth for you, a mat that's appropriate for the activity you're doing... all this helps you to concentrate better on what's important: your breathing and how you feel. YOGANEST selects for you articles that are always of high quality, that last over time and respect your skin while taking into account environmental and societal issues.

We offer clothes at different price ranges, while ensuring that those involved in the production chain are paid in good conscience by the brands. We are opposed to the disastrous principles of fast fashion, and do not encourage unnecessary and repeated purchases. On the contrary, we advocate slow-fashion, the useful and appreciated purchase. Our motto is "Buy it only if you wear it, use it, enjoy it". With this same conscious buying approach, we don't offer free delivery (just from 175.-), or express delivery, and we prefer to advise you before you order if you're unsure, to avoid carbon footprint-generating shipping and returns.

Our E.Boutique offers a wide range of yoga equipment. You'll find a range of articles for practising yoga, such as zafus, yoga straps, mats, yoga blocks, bolsters, therapy balls, mat bags, etc. We also offer a wide range of yoga clothing for men and women, including leggings, T-shirts, bras, yoga trousers, etc.
Since we support and encourage you not only in the practice of yoga but also in all other sporting activities that are good for your body and mind, most of the garments we offer in our shop are also perfect for many other sports and movement disciplines such as dance, exstatic dance, 5 rhythms, pole-dance, pilates, Qi-gong and Tai chi, muscle strengthening, sheathing, stretching and also gym, fitness, crossfit, running, climbing,...

YOGANEST delivers with SwissPost throughout Switzerland as well as to Austria, France and Germany. For other EU countries and beyond, please contact us. We offer a free Click and Collect service in Geneva, Switzerland (Acacias-Carouge area).

Yoga and self-massage courses and workshops are also organised in Geneva, and we offer retreats in Switzerland and elsewhere.

We look forward to seeing you soon.
Laurence, founder of YOGANEST



It helps to be comfortable in your yoga outfit, whether you're practising gentle forms of yoga like Yin Yoga or dynamic Flow. Practising yoga involves performing postures with wide ranges of movement and most of the time stretching, so it's a good idea to feel comfortable in your chosen outfit.
When choosing your clothes, we suggest that you choose a breathable fabric that will help wick away perspiration and respect your skin, a soft fabric that will help you relax, a shape that won't disturb you during your routines, and finally a fabric that has good opacity so that you feel comfortable and respected in your privacy. We have tops and bottoms to suit all styles of yoga, movement activities and other sports.

As well as what you wear, at some point you'll have to think about choosing the "right" carpet for you! What material? What size? What weight? These questions take precedence over the question of aesthetics (colours, patterns, text). The mat is the accessory on which you perform your various positions, breathing exercises and body stretching. It's essential in most of the classes on offer: prenatal yoga, pilates, self-massage, meditation, hatha yoga, pranayama, yin yoga, etc. When you start practising yoga, we suggest you choose a non-slip (grippy) material to help you learn the postures (asanas) without worrying about slipping. As you progress, it will be very personal, and perhaps the grip will no longer be your priority as you learn to engage your body where necessary. If it's important for you to protect your joints in contact with the ground (elbows, knees, ankles, wrists and neck), then a mat with a good thickness (5-6mm) is advisable. Choose a lightweight mat if you want to transport it easily to the studio and your yoga retreats. YOGANEST offers lightweight mats in a variety of materials and grips. For use at home or if you leave your mat at your favourite studio, then you may prefer a heavier mat that will stay in place perfectly whatever your movements and the nature of the floor. On our online shop, you'll find a wide choice of yoga mats. Whether with patterns, mantras, solid or gradient colours, all have been carefully chosen to offer you high quality, durability and absolute comfort.

As for yoga accessories, we suggest that you choose the right equipment for your practice and your body. This will enable you to progress safely in your various asanas and to find greater ease in them. It's never a good idea to 'force' a hand to touch the ground, to over-stretch your back or hips, or to stay in a posture for long periods without the right support to allow you to breathe peacefully.
We offer a range of yoga accessories in our shop. For example, bolsters and straps, which are used in certain types of classes such as Iyengar, Yin and Restorative yoga, provide better support, balance and positioning for your body. Zafus, oval-shaped cushions, are particularly well known for meditation practice, as they provide a stable and comfortable seat, but they are also very popular in Yin and Restorative yoga. Bricks or blocks are used for sitting and also as stabilisers when performing certain postures. At YOGANEST, we offer cork or foam blocks.

YOGANEST offers you a wide selection of equipment, carefully selected in accordance with our ethical criteria. All that's left for you to do is choose what's best for you and what suits you best. Each practitioner is unique, with his or her own life path, experience, physical body and intentions. That's why there's so much choice on our Boutique. And we're here to guide you. We wish you many wonderful discoveries, on and off the yoga mat!


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