As soon as the YOGA ShopNEST in Carouge-Geneva in 2021, you've told us that you'd like some recommendations, advice and ideas. Which studios offer this style of yoga, who's organising retreats next month, with whom can I take a workshop on a particular subject, what training courses are taking place in Geneva...? YOGANEST As a place where people can meet and mix, where goodwill and community spirit are valued, you have trusted us to give you contacts and suggestions. It's up to you to develop them further.

 The Boutique Community Wall has found its place and filled up as we've met new people, attended new events and made new personal and professional discoveries. And you make great use of it when you visit the Boutique!

Here is the digital version of our Community Wall YOGANEST. Partners, colleagues, customers, friends, places to recharge our batteries, we've met them and appreciated them for what they pass on. Each in their own way, with their own voice and approach, these people inspire us and do us good. Discover them in 4 categories...


Esther Juncal
ESTHER JUNCAL - 079 660 26 63 - [email protected]




We warmly recommend all these people and places.
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