Exclusive, functional and ethical yoga products

Yoga Boutique is a Swiss family start-up, born in 2018. It was founded by Mariza and Manuel, themselves yoga teachers. Mariza set up a yoga school in German-speaking Switzerland before choosing to concentrate mainly on her family and the boutique. Asanas (yoga postures in Sanskrit), sun salutations and yoga sessions hold no secrets for them.

Their range is carefully selected and most items are designed by the two founders. As a result, the small brand is able to offer exclusive, high-quality products with unique designs. Yoga mats (cork, velvet, non-slip, biodegradable), meditation cushions, yoga clothing (trousers, leggings, t-shirts, tops), mat bags, yoga bricks, etc., are all part of the range.

Yoga Boutique does its utmost to realistically combine eco-responsibility with its values: quality, functionality and pleasure. The brand gives priority to small craftsmen and the origin of raw materials.

The brand's suppliers are mainly small family-run businesses with which the founders have developed a close relationship. This enables them to get to know the production chain and the conditions in which the products are made. 

And because practising yoga is also about sensations, the quality of the designs is also studied very carefully. To bring joy to the yoginis and yogis who use their yoga equipment, Mariza and Manuel choose beautiful colours, original designs and unique prints. 

Materials are also selected according to criteria of functionality and eco-responsibility. At Yoga Boutique you won't find toxic or non-biodegradable materials. Natural rubber, cork, microfibre, organic cotton, bamboo, etc. Materials are sourced very selectively.

The brand's credo? That their yoga products and accessories bring you joy. That you use them often and with pleasure, to help you integrate yoga into your life. Everyday life is made up of little moments of happiness. Find them through your yoga practice!

Production sites : 

  • Hand-painted shawls and fabrics for bolsters (firm reclining cushions that help support certain postures and stretches), zafus (meditation cushions) and bags: India
  • Clothing (bra, t-shirt, leggings, yoga trousers, tank top) : Bali
  • Yoga mats: China (small audited production unit)


Why we love this brand

Laurence studied the different brands on the market at length before making her choices and offering them on her e-shop. 

The selection criteria for Yoga Boutique were initially the brand values that match her own: the attention paid to the provenance of raw materials, the emphasis on small, family-run production units, the links with the island of Bali and with India, for which Laurence has a particular personal affection, the choice of quality materials to ensure that the products last over time, and an eco-responsible vision.

It was also when she tested the products that she fell in love with them. During her personal practice or while giving yoga classes, at home, on retreats or in the yoga studio, Laurence was able to appreciate the high quality of the products offered by Yoga Boutique. Even with regular practice, the products remain in perfect shape. This is made possible by the high-quality, eco-friendly materials used.

And finally, the design of the yoga accessories seduced Laurence. Indian-style fabrics, shimmering colours, soft printed mats, comfortable clothes, carrying straps... All the accessories at Yoga Boutique are an invitation to relax, serenity, physical and mental calm and let go. 

Whether you are an experienced yogi or a beginner, whether you practice a gentle form of yoga such as yin (yin yoga, restorative yoga) or a more dynamic yang yoga (hatha yoga, vinyasa, flow, ashtanga yoga, power yoga)Whether it's yoga nidra, Iyengar yoga, aerial yoga, kundalini yoga, meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises), mindfulness or even other types of sports activities like pilates or fitness, you'll find what you need in our Yoga Boutique selection.